Mia Chicco On Tour


One of the great pleasures of working in jewellery is the opportunity to travel overseas to exhibit in trade shows. Not only do these shows provide a platform to introduce buyers to your collections, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded designers, share stories and be inspired by a wide array of beautiful pieces.


In March of this year, we had the great fortune to be selected for the New Designer Gallery at the JA New York show. For over 110 years, JA New York has brought the world’s finest jewellery brands, designers, suppliers and buyers together. Smartly styled, cleanly edited, freshly re-imagined, this polished show is an eclectic mix of the season’s finest jewellery. As such, we were delighted to hear that we had been accepted!


Flying into JFK, with a view of Manhattan in the distance always gives me goose bumps. There is such an energy, vibrancy and scale to the city that is both engrossing and addictive. It is a city with millions upon millions of stories, and for six days in March, we were able to tell our story to the City That Never Sleeps.

For this particular show, we were thrilled to officially launch the Sabi Collection. Infused with the Japanese aesthetic of "Wabi Sabi", meaning the beauty of things imperfect, Sabi is also inspired by the timeless appeal of ancient Roman treasures. Rich in raw texture, with a tactile sensation, quirks and anomalies from the crafting process are left to add uniqueness to the pieces. For us, Sabi stands for rustic, understated elegance.


To view the truly unique pieces from the Sabi collection, make sure to visit the Rings, Earrings and Necklaces pages on our website. These pieces are made-to-order and can also be viewed in-person at our Sydney studio. For a personal consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page.

Highlights of the show included introducing buyers from some of North America’s most pre-eminent jewellery galleries to our brand. It was an honour to be able to show off our pieces, demonstrate the different crafting techniques we employ and take on board valuable feedback. Both our Luxe and Sabi Collections proved to be a hit, and it is clear that there is demand for alternative bridal pieces that truly stand out from the crowd.


In addition to this, it was incredibly satisfying to see all of the positive press both during and after the JA New York show. This included pieces from the National Jeweler, David Perry & Associates and Your Engagement 101, in addition to the numerous Instagram posts from jewellery influencers such as Third Coast Gems, A Thousand Facets and Amy Elliott.


Last but certainly not least, it was a real pleasure getting to know the seven other talented jewellers that made up the New Designer Gallery. It’s always lovely to meet others who have dedicated their lives to their craft and hearing their personal and professional journeys is always inspiring.


A special thank you goes out to Liz Kantner who not only oversaw the New Designer Gallery, but is also such a wonderful source of wisdom.


Stay tuned for our new Sabi pieces that will be added to the website soon!